Aqua Flo Point-of-Use (POU)
Filtration Products

Durable, High-Quality, Reliable Performance

Finding the right solution

Improving your water quality is easy and economical. While bottled water is still a popular option, it is an expensive, less convenient alternative that creates waste and is hard on the environment.

Benefits of POU filtration:

  • great tasting water for drinking and cooking

  • clear, odor free water for washing and utility use

  • Remove dirt, silt, clay and other sediments

  • Remove iron to prevent staining

  • Minimize unpleasant odors, including chlorine

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Aqua Flo Platinum Products

Top-of-the-line performance plus third party certification sometimes required by local plumbing codes.

Aqua Flo Value Line

Offers great performance and durability at a more economical price point.

Understanding your Aqua Flo Filtration System

Aqua Flo Filtration Systems consist of a filter housing that connects to your plumbing system and disposable filter cartridge that performs the work. Depending on your needs, systems can consist of a single or series of filters installed either under a specific sink (Point-of-Use) or where the water main enters the home (Point-of-Entry). Filter Cartridges are easily replaced periodically, typically on an annual or semi-annual basis, depending on your incoming water quality.

Point-of-Use Diagram

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Point-of-Entry Diagram

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Filter Housings

Available in a variety of sizes, colors, materials of construction and with different features.

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  • Size - determined by required flow rates and installation space. Typically come in 2.5" x 10", 2.5" x 20", 4.5" x 10" and 4.5" x 20"

  • Color - transparent of opaque (blue). Transparent housings allow for visual inspection of the cartridges but are less durable and not suitable for outdoor applications.

  • Materials of Construction - plastic is standard for most applications. Stainless steel is used for higher temperature applications.

Some housings provide additional unique features:

  • Valve-in-head - allows you to bypass or shut off the water during cartridge replacement

  • Pressure button relief - relieves pressure from the housing prior to changing cartridge

  • Stainless steel threads - reduces possibility of cross threading and allows for tighter pipe fit

  • Double O-Ring - ensures added seal insurance protecting from leaks

Warning: Do not use on drinking water supplies that are microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without first adequately disinfecting the water. Protect against freezing to prevent cracking of the filter and water leakage.

Aqua Flo Cartridge Selection Guide

We offer a range of popular cartridges to cover most water quality needs. Your Professional Water Specialist can help determine the correct filtration products of your needs.



Point-of-Use Filtration Brochure - English

Point-of-Use Filtration Brochure - English