Aqua Flo Gen 5
UV/Filter Rack System


A Combination Water System For Your Entire Home Or Cottage

Combining ultraviolet disinfection (UV) with whole-house filtration provides your home or cottage with clean, great-tasting water that you can rely on. UV is proven to control microbiological (bacteria & virus) issues in water including E.coli, Cryptosporidium, and Giardia Lamblia without the use of chemicals.

Combining UV disinfection with whole-house sediment and/or carbon pre-treatment filters improves UV performance and the taste, smell and clarity of your water.


  • Four models provide a range of flow rate and filter combination options suitable for your specific needs

  • NEW filter design, includes new one-piece, 2-sump design for leak free operation, (pressure relief, wrench, and new integral hanging clip included with all systems)

  • NEW controller with Lightlock™ technology for protected lamp sales (5.1 variants)

  • NSF component listed filtration cartridges (included with systems)


Gen 5 Filter Rack Spec Sheet #80157009

Gen 5 Filter Rack Spec Sheet #80157009

Aqua Flo UV Rack Manual #910195

Aqua Flo UV Rack Manual #910195

Warranty Information #80150348

Warranty Information